When I am not doing Science :)

1. One of my greatest passions in life is painting….it is therapeutic!

Spontaneous Jam or a colorful Yin-Yang or the whirlwind girl ….Here are some of my works (some adapted from Alfred Gockel’s paintings).

I like to use bold colours and bold strokes..I feel they bring out the rawness of moments better. 

2. Another love of mine is adventure sports…Climbing, flying, jumping and never stopping !

Life has been a rollercoaster… From jumping out of  a helicopeter from 4000m in Germany to  climbing a steep 1km high mountain in Vancouver, Canada to  standing on frozen lakes in Tromso, Norway, to standing at the Indo-China border in Tawang, India to getting lost on the roads of Ithaca, USA! No regrets, only memories!

 !!! Sheer Adrenaline !!! PS- I plan to get my skydiving license soon :)!

3. Travelling..exploring…phototgrahy… As they say, not all who wander are lost! 

A kaleidoscope of pictures… I have had the good luck of travelling the world and marveling at the most beautiful of places..Here are some glimpses and clicks!

Should we plan our next trip ;)?