Open Dag..Hubrecht Open its doors!

We were prepping for months now…and then it was time! Open day for the Hubrecht Institute – the 7th of October 2018, we opened our doors to the general public! In came hundreds of people, having inquisitive eyes and a sense of wonder in their hearts. The most amazing part of it was how curious everyone was, from kids to adults..everyone! It is during these times that you feel proud of what you are doing, of being a scientist! Being able to pass on the knowledge to the world in your own little way is probably more rewarding than hundreds of citations of a paper. As scientists we often forget that our responsibility isn’t only confined to the walls of our labs and benches, but outside in the real world too! It is us who the world looks up to, to find cures and answers for the diseases that haunt our loved ones. It is our responsibility to lead the way and spread awareness and the right kind of knowledge. Out of the various beautiful moments I spent yesterday, my favorite was teaching Mia about organoids and what we do in lab. Mia is home -schooled by her parents and this was probably the first time she was experiencing how a school feels like. With lots of kids around, she enthusiastically poured the liquid A into B and marveled at the change in color due to the pH change. Both she and her dad thanked me innumerable times for teaching her what we did. Undoubtedly, her broad smile and glittering eyes that will stay with me forever…

Some excerpts from yesterday (7.10.2018) :

Like playing with Lego? We do too! Imagine when Lego meets science, what would the result be – sheer fun! We made DNA and RNA using Lego, what fun :)!

Let us “make” DNA and RNA…with Lego! 

Are you curious about what goes on inside a cell? Well we made it easy for you….in our giant “cell” you could go in and marvel!


Our giant cell- and a little one inside it :)!

Do you know what Stem cells are? Well let us just say that they are cells who are a bit “confused” about who they want to be and depending on signals and clues from their niche, they can differentiate into a specific cell type. What better way to learn that than to have a dice game show you how it works!

20181007_112122 Let us help our “confused” stem cells :)!

Can you match the right organ with the right organoid? Just like our brain cells, the bulb will light up when you find your right match :)!

  Did you find your match :)?

Finally, in today’s world of selfies, let us wrap up by taking a Cell-fie !



 Want a Selfie or a Cell-fie :)?

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