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So who am I?

I am Devanjali Dutta (also known as DJ). My brain is a scientist and my heart is a traveler! Born in Dehradun (India), I came to Europe 8 years ago to study the transcriptomics of Drosophila melanogaster (you might know it as the fly hovering above your fruits…a.k.a the fruit-fly) intestinal stem cells for my PhD in Prof. Bruce Edgar’s lab in Heidelberg, Germany. Ever since, I have only fallen deeper in love with science and in my free time, exploring amazing countries! Currently, I am working as a Postdoctoral researcher in Netherlands in the lab of Prof. Hans Clevers where I am using mouse and human organoid culture systems to understand the the cause and cure of infectious diseases, host-microbe interactions and cancer heterogeneity.

*New post up* : Hubrecht Open Day 2018 :)!  


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